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チャビーの物語 把握今天的美,因为它是明天美好的回忆 =)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Because of that Friday 2,000 years ago...

today...I am redeemed, chains are broken and I'm saved because of that Friday 2,000 yrs ago.

Thank you for the cross, thank you for the price you have paid
Thank you for your love, thank you for the nail pierced hands
Because of this, I am able to go to God through You. Your ever faithful and loving character had drawn me closer than ever before. The promise we made at the Sea of Galilee and how you reminded me not to give up. Every tear i shed was like a diamond in Your hand.

When I doubted my abilities, you reminded me of how you could multiplied 5 loaves and 2 fishes to feed 5,000, what's more to the gift and abilities that You have given me. You can multiply it too and give us favors. Thank you Lord that you have always reminded me on how I will take the step to do the "natural" while You will take care of the "Supernatural".

Thank you God for Jesus.

Today marks my first anniversary of my water baptism, the day i said "Hey...wait for coming along!" And You said "yes, daddy knows the way home, dont worry, come on..hurry on...walk beside me...walk close..."Yes....I agape You...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

like where the waterlily were untainted

Short but an impactful life.

Joyous, Obedient, Entertaining, Loving

A kind hearted and loving soul which touched many others in a short span of time.

These are some of the kind words your friends and your dad had shared about you at the service. Indeed you brought joy and laughters to many and your loving and unprejudiced heart had embedded an important lesson and reflections in our heart and memory.

Those where the days we jammed, had supper, talk rubbish, watched movie, performed. At times you were mischievous too! You were 14 when you joined us. 2 yrs later you were towering ALL of us! Your trip back home with the Lord had reminded me again that besides chasing dreams and trying to keep up with our packed schedule, friendship is something that at times we overlooked when we were busy. Besides chasing our dreams and thinking how i can reach and fulfill the dreams, I start to cherish the existing gifts that God had given to us and give thanks for it. Friends - God's gift of "alternative family" so that we always have someone there for us.

Thank you for being in our life and im glad that our paths have crossed. You will be deeply missed. We lost a dear friend, a fantastic musician and did you remember we even came up with a ridiculous name "Yong Tau Fu" as a band name? One of the monkey times we all had..

25 yrs isnt too long - but you have lived it so well. Bet you are having fun jamming for the Lord now. He enjoyed Jazz?

Be safe in the arms of the Lord. We love you Joel!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The dream that made the rose of rosebery cry

All these years after leaving Sydney, I miss the times spent with my RBBs. I believe throughout these 7 years, I have endless blog entries about them. My best friends, my best brothers, my family in Kimberly. The people who were there when I was at my lowest, and also the people who were there when I am at my happiest. They are both my punching bags and my helium. I was so used to having dinner together every night that I remembered feeling insecure and odd when there was a night that I agreed to have dinner with the guy who asked me out on a date. hehe.

So this fateful saturday - 16 Jan 2010 - was the day all the memories came rushing back like niagara falls. In the dream, it seemed like another day we spent together , preparing for dinner. All of us still looked the same in the dresm - yes, Jack, we were young and cute - It was like as though it was co-shared by Lio and Louisa. It was a gorgeous house, 4 storeys high, sea facing with a HUGE garden! more here

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Celebrating the finale of 2009 with a big meal!

YES! A great way to celebrate the last day of the decade....with MORE food~ only difference - I am the chef today =)Gonna be a busy day in the kitchen today.........starting in 5 minutes. Here's what the guests is expecting for the menu:

Fresh Garden Salad with baked garlic slices

Bake potato wedges with stuffed broccoli & cheese

Chili Minced Beef Dip


Japanese Curry & steamed rice

Pink Guava Soda with Mint leaves

How not to smile at this? hehe. Okie, the chef is starting to work on these....will update with more pics.

Happy New Year people!

That's really a Hiatus!

Awww, i realised my last post was in September! Since then, it was a horrible horrible schedule that I have to cope. Though i enjoyed it, but it really worn me out. I was really tired. I guessed as usual, I was addicted to stress. There was the endless travels (unfortunately not for leisure), unbelievable workload coz I AM the team, then there comes lecturing in RP which was really satisfying. Without the encouragement of Stanley and Albert who are secondary school teachers themselves and of coz by the love from God, i embarked to become an educator. My first class was a joyous bunch and delightful to teach.Then comes the planning of Sunday school curriculum, planning of Christmas parties, christmas shoppings, my hanoi show in December.So in the 3 months, I did all these....if i could remember all of more:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am like Mary Magdalene?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the trinity

Was out shopping with my cousins and the guys and my cousin decided to check out wedding bands, so we joined in.

Oh man, fell in love with the trinity - such a treasure since 1924. beautiful and simple and symbolises the trinity.

cartier trinity ring

Okie, i have to go to bed immediately so that i can live in the dream. haha. It's worst when i tried it on and it fitted perfectly on my finger....awwwww........burbye...see you in dreamland, trinity.......muaks.....

Monday, August 31, 2009

auntie chubs has pitiful looks..... (#.#)"

auntie chubise saw the leftover S$2 discount voucher in her car and realised the expiry date is 31 Aug!

OMG, that's today, so kiasu auntie decided to drop by SPC to gas up LatioGhini..hoho..juz need to pump 40 bux, and after all the discount, auntie prolly just need to pay 35 or 36 bux.

So with half a tank, auntie chubsie stopover SPC after work....and happily grabbed the discount card and discount coupon (yeah..double whammy!) and Q up to pay.

Then.....dang~~!! The lady behind the cashier bar said in mandarin....

"xiao jie, discount coupon cannot use...coz only S$39.........."

WHAT??!!! S$39??? sobsob...juz one more dollar i can have S$2 discount..sobsobsob.

So i said "errr..i asked that uncle to pump S$40...." Then the lady said again..."erm...xiao jie...cannot fit already, your tank full........."


So as usual, auntie chubs let out a pitiful look.....


The Lady said " you need receipt?"


"Oh ok, if you don need receipt, i can just take in your voucher so i can still give you 2 dollar discount"

::chubs let out a beaming joy....::

So...auntie chubs got her S$2 additional disocunt...heeeeeeeeeee....................

Then, the lady handed me another set of S$2 coupons for Sept...................


I should have just waited tml (SEPT) to use the new set of coupon. gasps, i didnt know i was so auntie......... *blush*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

chubsie is sick like a shrimp

yes....the small little energy i left was spent on 2 things:

(1) updating my fb status.....

(2) writing this short entry was soooo bad. I havent been soooo sick. But recently, actually, this whole month i have been to Dr Roy's for 4 to 5 times..that's an average of once a week. sigh. I can be his shareholder already, i joked. Dr Roy just went....choiiiii!! thats not good news! haha.

I am totally limp now, was throwing up non stop, (read more here)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Gathering for the m.i.c.e. people

saceos It was the gathering for all MICE professionals at SACEOS' 30th Anniversary dinner at Conrad. The food was alright, perhaps it was great i must agree but it was the meeting up with old friends that overshine everything else! Met up with the rest of the professionals, the colleagues, the ex colleagues, the working partners, and most of all...the veterans of Singapore's MICE industry. This is the best industry - Im not talking about money....but the degree of passion. It is an industry that seemed like you need to severe ties with the world, coz we love our it so much, we can be working on our projects endlessly....despite the degree of rantings we had. My love for this more here..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chubs Elated! Hillsong conf 09 CDs arrived!

Chubs was Over the rainbow when i reached home tired and depleted from work.....








I cant wait to listen to it once again and share it with my friends




Monday, July 27, 2009

I dont understand summer's grandparents...

I cant believe my parents could have such joy assisting Summer to read the papers....

see post here:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Green Fingers: Day 07: See how we grow!

Green Fingers: Day 07: See how we grow!

See pics here:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Chubs and Grumpy – the green fingers

It was juz the end of a hectic grumpy and chubs decided to pick up something new to do - Being Green Finger!
I really do not have green fingers. Like my mom, im good only in causing turning a nice plant into ginseng. Yes. Reduced to roots. Never gonna give up! This is grumpy and chubs' first project, so it will work. We went to the nursery to get some nice planter boxes (okie...i admit, the planter boxes werent nice looking), bought Cherry Tomato seeds and chilli seeds, and what the gardener said was "GOOD SOIL". It better be good...coz it cost about 12 bux per packet! We cant wait! read more here.....

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the sydney good ol’ times

Still lazy packing my stuff for sydney..juz randomly grabbed some jumpers, winter coats and my furry shoes soaks and dumped them into the luggage first.... read more here:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Such a sleepy day

Yes...sleepy head is still NOT sober. Officially finished my PBL class so officially I am a lecturer already right.......yawnnnn...why am i still so sleepy =(

I thought i slept enuff in Oslo. Almost fell asleep at work today but strangely i sobered up and SUPER alert at 6pm so i worked till 9pm. I guess im nocturnal. I am made as a European. haha

Hmm...i am starting to miss my class mate from PBL class. Some of them start faci today and oops....due to some quarantined-happenings for some students, it was eLearning today till next week. I guess i will also be quarantined after i come back from Sydney. DArn..talking about super excited but havent had the time to pack yet.

OH yeah, was going to sleep but saw this posting, really made me laugh so hard!

Yes, bimbo hair loves Wondergirls' Nobody song okie..... So this really amused me:

Have a good laugh...bimbo's going to bed.......cant take it already........yawnnnn